Root Canal Retreatment

A Repeat Root Canal Can Repair Your Smile

Why Do People Think Root Canals Hurt So Much?
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We Restore Persistently Painful Roots Painlessly

Endodontic treatment is predictable in nature with reported success rates as high as 86–98%. Although teeth treated with an initial root canal usually last a lifetime, complications can occur. A tooth may not heal properly and become painful or diseased, months or even years after treatment. When infection or symptom recurs, an additional procedure called root canal retreatment can often save the tooth from extraction. If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort in a previously treated tooth, the endodontists at Southwest Endodontics & Periodontics, Inc. have vast expertise and a successful track record performing painless root canal retreatment in Broadview & Macedonia, OH that can save your smile.

Issues that can lead to root canal retreatment:

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We Strive to Prevent Reinfection

During an initial root canal, our endodontists thoroughly debride and clean the root canal system of all infected pulp tissue, then shape and prepare the canal space before filling it with an inert material. Our extensive skills, coupled with exacting attention to detail, maximize the success of our endodontic treatment. We also use innovative technologies, including surgical microscopes and Cone Beam Computed Tomography to ensure all tooth anatomy is found. Both of which greatly improve the efficacy of root canals. While our advanced protocols prevent or minimize the risk of reinfection, we often get referrals for more complex cases, and we offer free second opinions to those who may require root canal retreatment in Broadview & Macedonia, OH.

The Root Canal Retreatment Process

Retreatment is the same as an initial root canal, with one major exception. In many cases, post and core material must be removed to permit access to the root canals. We remove infected tissue from the pulp chamber and root canals, then thoroughly clean the canals before filling the chamber and canals with a rubberlike material called gutta-percha. If we discover unusually narrow or blocked canals, an apicoectomy may be warranted, which involves removing the apex along with the infected tissue. After we complete retreatment, you’ll need to return to your dentist as soon as possible for a new crown to fully protect and restore the tooth.

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The Cost of Retreatment

It will likely be higher than your first root canal treatment because the restoration and filling material may need to be removed. In addition, additional time may be required to assess and treat unusual canal anatomy. While dental insurance may cover part or the entire cost of retreatment, some policies limit coverage to a single procedure on a tooth in a given period of time. Our staff can help you apply for third-party financing to ensure your root canal retreatment in Broadview & Macedonia, OH is painless and affordable.

We painlessly restore tooth roots for healthy smiles!

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