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Symptoms like an abscess, pain when biting, swelling in the gums, and tooth pain can interfere with your healthy smile. When this occurs, an endodontist in Macedonia, OH and Broadview Heights, OH can treat your emergency situation. At Southwest Endodontics & Periodontics, Inc., we have in-office endodontists who provide specialized treatments like root canal therapy, a common procedure designed to save a natural tooth from extraction by treating the infection that’s causing your tooth pain. Ignoring such symptoms can increase the risk of greater oral health problems and costlier treatment in the future, so come in today for an assessment of your situation.

Emergency Conditions We Treat


Persistent toothache

Tooth pain that won’t go away is generally a sign that an infection is present. It’s quite possible that a filling may be all you need, but extreme tooth sensitivity or sharp pain when you bite or chew can also indicate an emergency dentistry situation involving your tooth’s root. To relieve your toothache, root canal therapy may be required.


Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold

Typically, the breakdown of a tooth’s protective enamel is behind any sensitivity triggered by heat and/or cold. The loss of enamel exposes the sensitive dentin (the layer below the enamel) of the tooth, which allows heat and cold to stimulate the tooth’s nerves. Likewise, if the layer covering your tooth’s root and/or cementum is exposed, the receding gums will cause sensitivity in that area.


Swelling in the gums

Gum swelling can happen for many reasons, from something as simple as a piece of floss, a particle of food, or some other debris getting caught between your tooth and gum, but it could also be an early indicator of gum disease or an abscessed tooth! Gum disease could lead to loosened teeth and/or gum recession, and an abscess can actually cause you to lose your tooth! Occasionally, gum swelling can even be a side effect of certain over-the-counter and prescription medications. Luckily, Dr. Lee and her team can help, regardless of the cause.


Pain with biting and/or chewing

Whether your pain is a constant ache or a sharp recurring pain that happens every time you bite down or chew food, we can help with your bite pain. There are many causes for bite pain, including a loose filling, bruxism (grinding of the teeth), an infection in the tooth pulp, a malocclusion (badly aligned bite), and a broken or cracked tooth. Our endodontists will be able to stop your biting pain at the source.


Severely damaged tooth

Broken, cracked or dislocated teeth can make it hard to chew, sleep or even smile. If they appear in your smile zone, they may make it difficult for you to smile without covering your mouth. Let us examine the state of your teeth and explain how we can create a new dazzling smile just for you!


Pain from the tooth through the neck and shoulder

If the nerve under your tooth has become infected, you may feel pain at the gumline, and that pain may even extend down to the jaw and possibly down the neck and into the shoulder. When you describe your symptoms to our expert endodontists, they will know how to approach and treat your pain.

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Treat Your Symptoms Now for Lasting Comfort and Health

When bacteria invade the pulp of a tooth, treatment is needed to cleanse the inside portion, as well as the roots. Special filling material is inserted into the tooth to strengthen it from within. This procedure helps to ensure that you keep your natural tooth, instead of facing extraction and more expensive care. Left untreated, an infected tooth invites more complex concerns, such as infection in the jawbone, removal of the tooth, and possibly even dental implant surgery! The best option in order to preserve your health and comfort is to treat your tooth now.

The words “root canal” often get a negative reaction as something that is painful, but in truth, our root canal treatments are virtually pain-free and they actually end tooth pain in Broadview Heights, OH and Macedonia, OH entirely! The pain you feel is from the infection or damage inside the tooth structure. Our root canal process involves numbing the treatment area so you feel no discomfort, then gently accessing the inside through the crown of the tooth. Our endodontist in Broadview Heights, OH and Macedonia, OH will remove the infected, damaged pulp inside the tooth and cleanse the tooth canals to allow for proper healing. A biocompatible material called gutta-percha will be placed inside the tooth to restore structure, and the tooth will be capped with a dental crown to protect the integrity of the restored tooth. Once the

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Why Expert Endodontic Care is Important to Your Oral Health

As our patient, you can receive the treatment you need without going from office to office. Having a tooth treated by an experienced endodontist ensures you and your family receive the highest standard of care for lasting oral health. An endodontist’s primary role is to save natural teeth, as nothing comes as close to the benefits real teeth offer your smile.

Your tooth pain may be a sign of a serious oral problem.

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